Honda CB360

May 13, 2016

Today we took some photos of the recently completed CB360 we built for a customer in Texas. This bike takes a lot of inspiration from 70’s Ducatis, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the designs of Fabio Taglioni, the man responsible for Ducati’s look from the 70’s to the 90’s. The Ducatis of the late 70’s are in my opinion, the nicest looking motorcycles of that decade. The alloy tank was hand formed along with the custom front and rear fenders, and one off side panels. The stock CB360 lacks a lot in the aesthetics department, and I feel this one is a historically appropriate rebuild. The 360 engine leaves a lot to be desired as well, fortunately for this bike, I have a passion for mix&match diy engine rebuilding. With pistons from a GS850 and a racing cam, I bored the engine over on my bridgeport mill and honed the cylinders to size to upgrade it to a 378 with about 10:1 compression, after some weeks tuning and tweaking, the bike really runs like a dream, plenty of power for its size yet still smooth enough to put some serious miles on.